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Most Popular Software Development Companies in India 2023-2024

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Software development refers to the process of creating software applications which is the most important part of information technology. There is a need for software development in the IT industry as it allows businesses to build custom applications that can automate and improve the efficiency of the applications. In this article, detailed knowledge is provided about software development and the top software development companies in 2023.

Software Development Companies

Popular Software Development Companies

Top 15 Software Development Companies in 2023-2024

There are multiple software development companies in the world which are creating new and effective applications. Some of the top 15 Software development companies in 2023 are mentioned below:

1. TCS (Tata Consultancy Services) 

  • Founder: Faquir Chand Kohli and J.R.D Tata
  • Headquarter: Mumbai, India
  • Founded in: 1968

TCS is popularly referred to as Tata Consultancy Services which is a second largest multinational company. Across 46 countries TCS is operated in 150 countries and it is a part of Tata Group. The company was founded in 1968 by Faquir Chand Kohli and J.R.D Tata. The headquarter of TCS is in Mumbai, India. It is an IT company which is well known for banking, financial, banking, education, healthcare and telecommunications services.

2. Accenture

  • Founder: Arthur E. Andersen, Steve Wick, Clarence DeLany.
  • Headquarter: Dublin, Ireland
  • Founded in: 1989

Accenture is a top Irish-American company which offers IT consulting services, software development, and digital services. It is a top software development company which was founded in 1989 by Steve Wick, Arthur E. Andersen and Clarence DeLany. Accenture consists of an extensive network of facilities, employees and offices. It is established in the Indian cities like Kolkata to Kochi and Mumbai to Bengaluru.

3. Cognizant

  • Founder: Kumar Mahadeva, Francisco D’ Souza.
  • Headquarter: Teaneck, New Jersey, U.S.
  • Founded in: 1994

Cognizant is an American IT multinational company which was founded in 1994 by Kumar Mahadeva, Francisco D’ Souza and it offers services in consulting, information technology, operations and digital services. Cognizant was founded as an in-house technology unit by Bradstreet and Dun in 1994.

4. IBM

  • Founder: Herman Hollerith, Thomas J. Watson, Charles Ranlett Flint.
  • Headquarter: Armonk, New York, US.
  • Founded in: 1911

Earlier IBM referred to as International Business Machine Corporation which is popularly nicknamed as Big Blue and later on it was renamed as “International Business Machines”. It is an American multinational company which was founded in 1911 by  Herman Hollerith, Thomas J. Watson, Charles Ranlett Flint. IBM is present in over 175 countries and it offers specialization in computer software, hardware and consulting services.

5. Microsoft

  • Founder: Bill Gates, Paul Allen
  • Headquarter: Redmond, Washington, U.S.
  • Founded in: 1975

Microsoft is the second largest American multinational IT company which offers software products such as operating system, Internet explorer web browser, Microsoft windows and Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft was founded by Paul Allen and Bill Gates in 1975, it is one of the big five IT companies in the United States and the Microsoft corporation develops and supports software services all over the world.

6. Infosys

  • Founder: Narayana Murthy
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru, India
  • Founded in: 1981

Infosys is one of the most leading Indian IT companies which was founded in 1981 by Narayana Murthy and it offers specialisation in AI machine learning, software development, digital services across all over the world. The company Infosys objective is to focus on the client and help them to solve the business challenges and create effective solutions and it also offers collaboration with the clients and helps them to grow in their businesses.

7. Wipro

  • Founder: M.H. Hasham Premji
  • Headquarter: Bengaluru, India
  • Founded in: 1945

Wipro is an Indian multinational IT consulting and service company which offers services in cloud computing, data analytics, application development and artificial intelligence. Wipro was founded in 1945 by M.H. Hasham Premji. It is one of the best choices in software development and IT consulting service as it focuses on crafting long term solutions which boost the growth of the business.

8. Capgemini

  • Founder: Serge Kampf
  • Headquarter: Paris, France
  • Founded in: 1967

Capgemini is a multinational French IT consulting and services company which provides services in information technology, outsourcing and consulting. It was founded in  1967 by Serge Kampf as an enterprise management and data processing company and it also offers cloud services, software engineering and artificial technology solutions and digital services.

9. HCL Technologies

  • Founder: Shiv Nadar
  • Headquarter: Noida, India
  • Founded in: 1976

HCL Technologies is one of the most famous IT companies in India which offers its expertise in enterprise transformation, engineering services, business process outsourcing and IT consulting. It was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar and it is a perfect partner for the businesses which are seeking technology driven transformation with the software solutions.

10. Atos

  • Founder: Bernard Bourigeaud
  • Headquarter: Bezons, France
  • Founded in: 1997

Atos is a European informational technology consulting and service company which offers services in the field of big data, cybersecurity, unified communications and cloud services. In 69 countries Atos provides end to end solutions and the purpose of the company is to help in designing the future of the information space.

11. DXC Technology

  • Founder: Mike Salvino
  • Headquarter: Ashburn, Virginia, US
  • Founded in: 2017

DXC Technology is a multinational American Informational technology company which provides services in the application development , management, modernization and in many more. The DXC company helps the other global companies to run their mission operations and critical systems. The company was founded in 2017 but it is best in Digital support services to their customers.

12. EPAM Systems

  • Founder: Arkadiy Dobkin
  • Headquarter: Newtown, Pennsylvania, US.
  • Founded in: 1993

EPAM Systems is an American IT company which provides specialization in digital product design, digital platform engineering and software engineering services. It is one of the leading global digital service provider companies in the digital platform engineering and physical product development services.

13. NTT Data

  • Founder: Herbert Vogel
  • Headquarter: Koto City, Tokyo, Japan
  • Founded in: 1988

NTT Data is a Japanese Information Technology company which helps the clients to transform through industry solutions, consulting and business process services. NTT Data is a top 10 IT services and global business that offers advanced portfolio for infrastructure services, cloud services, application services and many other services to their customers.

14. Globant

  • Founder: Martin Milgoya, Nestor Nocetti, Martin Umaran, Guibert Englebienne.
  • Headquarter: 5 rue Guillaume Kroll, L-1882, Luxembourg
  • Founded in: 2023

Globant is an information technology company which provides services in the field of software product development services. Globant was founded in 2023 which offers services in the AI process, automation strategy and in organisational fitness. The company also provides games and digital platforms to the customers.

15. ThoughtWorks

  • Founder: Neville Roy Singham
  • Headquarter: Chicago, IIinois, US.
  • Founded in: 1993

ThoughtWorks is a global information technology company which provides services in software design, consulting services, tools and delivery services. The company is associated with the movement of agile software development and also it has contributed to open source products. ThoughtWorks was founded in 1993 and it includes businesses in the field of digital product development services.

How Software Development Helps in the Digital Revolution?

Software development plays an important role in the digital revolution by offering multiple values to the customers. Some of the important reasons why digital revolution is important in software development are mentioned below:

  • Process automation: With the help of the software it automates the manual processes which is a common component in the digital revolution which further enhances the operational efficiency and at the same time also helps in reducing the errors and helping the people to acquire more strategic activities.
  • Real time collaboration and communication: The software solution also offers the teams to communicate and collaborate in real time and also helps to promote collaboration and taking faster decisions.
  • Flexibility in work: In software development it provides creation of scalable systems which can adapt to the changing requirements and which can also handle the increasing workloads.
  • Better customer experience: It helps the businesses to provide better customer experiences by creating user-friendly interfaces, seamless interactions and providing satisfactory products to the customers.
  • Innovation: With the help of software development it drives the innovation of new types of digital products which can satisfy the needs of customers and meet the businesses requirements.

Future of Software Development

With the increasing demand of software and software engineers, the future is going to rise in the field of software development. The day by day increasing demand of customers for the software are the reasons which will give rise to increase in demand for good engineers. Some of the trends that impact the software development future are – Artificial Intelligence, Cloud services, Blockchain technology, Low code development, Cybersecurity and many more. Therefore with the increase of new software and development technologies in the market there will also be a rise in software development in the future.


Therefore Software development plays a crucial role in IT industries in the development of the software. Therefore in this article a detailed knowledge has been given about software development and the top 15 companies of software development in 2023 which are the most leading software companies all over the world.

Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2024
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