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Morgan Stanley Interview (On campus for Internship)

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2019
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Morgan Stanley visited our campus for selecting interns (summer analyst) this year for the first time. There were 3 rounds :
1. Online (Technical)
2. Interview (Technical)
3. Interview (HR)

Online Round (Technical) :
This round was conducted on aspiring minds online platform. It had 3 parts –
1. Error Correction : There were 6 question each with a piece of code (only c, c++, java) and we had to detect error in it which could be syntactical, logical or any other run time error. We had 20 min for this section.
2. Quantitative : There were 10 MCQ question to be done in 20 min and were based around mathematical reasoning and logical deductions.
3. Coding : This section had 3 coding question to be done in 1 hour. First question was based around number of strongly connected components. Second question was if there are n bubbles lined up each having some radius and you go from left to right and if a bubble has radius greater than bubble to left of it, it gets bursts, we have to find number of times we will have to go from left to right before no such bursting in a traversal is possible.Third question was based around LRU cache question implemented using dequeue and map and can be found on

As time provided was less in 3rd section completing 2 question or doing all 3 partially was enough.

19 students were shortlisted for further rounds.

Interview (Technical) :
The interviewer was friendly. He introduced himself and then asked me for my introduction (Tell me about yourself).
Then a series of Technical question based on DS and Algo were asked, some of them were –
1. You have 2 arrays one representing arrival time of n trains and other departure time of n trains (Not corresponding trains) . Tell the minimum number of stations required for no clashes.
2. A file given having a paragraph find the most occurring word and in it first non repeating characters.
3. Many travel tickets available Mumbai->delhi, Goa->chennai, Delhi->Bangalore etc. We have to print series of cities in which we can travel using these tickets. Basically Topological sorting question.
4. Reverse a line word wise eg: Hi my name is xyz -> iH ym eman si zyx
Then he asked me if I had any question for him.

There were some more questions based on hash maps.Also few of my friends were also asked system design question like designing E-commerce website and designing makemytrip like service.

9 students were shortlisted for the last round.

Interview (HR) :
The interview asked to tell me about myself and then asked a series of question regarding my projects mentioned on my resume. This was followed by some questions like why Morgan Stanley, biggest achievements, biggest regret, where do you see yourself in 5 years and Other standard HR question. Then he asked me if I had any question for him.

After this 5 students were selected for the Internship and Thankfully I was one among them.
My advise would be keep DS and Algo strong. Practice company based question from and in interview approach question carefully after understanding it fully.

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