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Mistakes to avoid while Buying EPOS System

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  • Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2020
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EPOS System (Electronic Point of Sale), as name suggests, is an electronic system that is especially designed for businesses to increase sales, increase profit, increase control, and process information in the shortest period of time. EPOS system consists of hardware and software where software is used to store and communicate data whereas hardware is considered as a physical tool that is used to control EPOS transactions.

It records real-time information and helps one to make better decisions as well as allow faster transactions and reduces errors. EPOS is basically considered a central component of a system that allows one to manage business more efficiently that in turn increases profit. Therefore, one needs to be very careful while choosing an EPOS system for their business and should avoid common mistakes as given below as follows.

  1. Buy Hardware First –
    EPOS system consists of both hardware and software and both are equally important. There are different types of EPOS system and each EPOS system requires a particular and specific operating system and hardware likes printers, card readers, etc. But people tend to ignore this and look for hardware first while buying EPOS. One should keep in mind that without software, hardware is useless, and not all software integrates with particular hardware. Therefore, rather than wasting time and money on hardware first, one should look for software that they want to use and then go for EPOS hardware that perfectly gets compatible with the software being chosen.

  2. Overlook Future Needs –
    Everyone wants to save data for long term and therefore needs an EPOS system so that they can have information for long term. EPOS is an electronic system that speeds up various business processes like stock management, sales performance, accounting, data processing, record a huge amount of accurate data, etc. People get used to such a system and want to keep it for long term. But people tend to ignore long term goal and just focus on present issues only. Therefore, one should keep in mind their long-term requirements while buying EPOS System rather than solving current issues.

  3. Expect One-Size-Fits-All System –
    Obviously, one EPOS system cannot fit into all business types. Each and every business have different goals, objectives, requirements, and therefore different types of EPOS system are available nowadays such as beauty salon EPOS System, Fashion EPOS system, Hospitality EPOS system, etc. But some people tend to ignore this. They want one system to fit into all types of business that cannot be possible. Yes, it not easy to find an EPOS system that can meet 100% of your business requirements, but one can go for an EPOS system that meets more than 90 % of requirements and get customization for the rest.

  4. Buy Cheapest EPOS System –
    Yes, everyone wants to buy things at the lowest price as much as possible and it not even wrong if one gets required thing at cheapest price. It is not necessary that things that are bought at cheapest will work effectively without any issue. There are many EPOS hardware and software that are available in market at the cheapest price and people fall into this. They just ignore risk associated with cheapest system and buy it. But result can be worst. They end up fixing damages caused due to the cheapest EPOS system at more cost than the initial investment done to buy it. Therefore, before buying anything, one should prioritize their needs and check their budget. After then goes for buying EPOS system according to budget.
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