Microsoft Interview | 12

Online Test:
MCQs: Mostly comprise the following types: find the output, definitions of basic C/C++ concepts.

Coding questions:

  1. Given a very large string, print the last ten lines.
  2. Do a level order traversal of a binary tree.

Interview Round 1:

  1. Find the output:




    void print()
      char str[20] = “hello world\0”;
      int i=0;
      while (str[i]!=’\0’)
        printf("%c", str[i]);
        str[i] = str[i-1];



    There was a very detailed discussion on this question for nearly twenty minutes. I think I kind of screwed this one. Basically, I had to explain how and why does a segmentation fault occurs.

  2. Suppose a linked list contains list of documents containing a particular word. You are given two such linked lists and you have to print names of all documents that contain both these words.
    [I gave an algorithm based on the assumption that the list contains document names in sorted order]. I was also asked to write the code regarding this. This operation can be classified as (A and B), where A and B are the words and they have lists associated with them. He then moved on to more complicated cases such as (A and B or C and (not D)). Brackets may or may not be presented. I was only asked to give an algorithm corresponding to this.
  3. What are the steps that occur when you send an E-Mail. A detailed discussion was done regarding this wherein we also discussed about the layers of the OSI model, the protocol used for sending E-Mail, the layer to which it belongs to.

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