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Microsoft TechSetGo Summer Internship Interview Experience

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Round 1- Group Fly
Approx 100 students gave this round and 20 made to the next round. Selection was made on the basis of time and space complexity

Question 1: Given a double linked list you have given a function Ispalindrome(head, tail) you have to print whether the linked list is palindrome or not . The data of linked list is in integer.

Input 1: 12 -> 11 -> 21
Output 1:- Yes
Explanation: 121121 it’s palindrome

Input 2: 12 -> -5 -> 21
Output 2: No
Explanation: 12-521 consider -(minus) as hyphen

Input 3: 12 -> -5 -> -21
Output 3: Yes
Explanation: 12-5-21 consider -(minus) as hyphen

Question 2: Given an array of integer values you have to output an array consisting of indexes in which the sum of left values is equal to the sum of right values. Function based problem function_name(inputarray [ ]) you have to print the output array.

Input 1: inputarray = [-5, 5, -5]

Output 1:[0, 1, 2]

Explanation at 0th index i.e. inputarray[0] = -5
The sum of left elements are 5+(-5)=0
And there is no element in right therefore sum of right elements is 0 similarly for 1 and 2 index

Input 2: inputarray =[1, 2, 3]

Output:[ ]

Explanation No such index

Round 2 Technical Interview
20 students gave this round and approx. 10 students cleared it

Question 1
Given a string you have to exclude all the vowels and determine whether the string is palindrome or not. Solve it by using no extra space and minimum time complexity.
Function (inputstring)

Input 1: inputstring= Vishavjeet
Output 1: No
Explanation removing all vowels from inputstring it becomes Vshvjt and it is not palindrome

Input 2: inputstring= NamaN
Output 2: Yes
Explanation removing all vowels from inputstring it becomes NmN and it is palindrome

Question 2
Function (inputarray [ ], k)
Given an inputarray of integer values and an integer values k you have to output an array containing minimum value in k values.
Minimum time complexity (O(n))
Input 1: inputarray =[2, 1, -3, 2, -4]
Output :[-3, -3, -4]
Explanation in first kth elements i.e. 2, 1, -3  -3 is minimum in next kth elements i.e. 1, -3, 2 -3 is minimum and in next kth elements i.e. -3, 2, -4
-4 is minimum

Question 3
I forgot it was based on Kadane’s Algorithm

Round 3 Techical Interview
4-5 students were called for the final round

Question 1:
Function (root)
Given a tree you have to print the tree in preorder without recursion.

Round 4 Last Round
I was not called for this round but the experience was worth to be shared.

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Last Updated : 14 Mar, 2019
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