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Microsoft Interview experience | Set 126 (On-Campus for Internship)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 08 Aug, 2021

Written Test: I am not going to say questions were very easy. Its totally depend on you. So I just want to tell you the type of questions. For doing really best, you should have good knowledge of linked list implementation of the binary tree, BST and some thing related with it. Nothing was random there, I can guarantee it. If you have not good practice with this, then its all depend on your luck or your brain. Basic DP question eg LIS, LCS, knapsack, coin change etc, In Exam time don’t much think about time complexity just do it( It’s my personal suggestion, Time complexity matter but the number of ques matters more. In general O(N2) solution is accepted ). Geeks for Geeks is the best placed for practice.
Fly Round
The fly round was about 45 minutes. The student had to write code for 2 problems on paper first of which was related to string manipulation and second was a based on dynamic programming. Both questions were good. According to my thought, Don’t think to solve the question fast ( It will be better If you are fast.), You can take your time, Write a beautiful code ( clearly understandable to anyone, eg if you are using helping array, then choose the name for this wisely like MinSum[], SmallestInt[], CurAns[]). The selection was not random, why such a good company does mistake like this?
The best part is an interview, Interviewers are so good and friendly but It also depends on you. Till now you have understood that my English is not good. Trust me the only thing matter is your confidence. Be confident and talk to them frankly.The first Interviewer asked me a question, Do you know XML encoding. With a good smile ( with out a fear )I said, No sir I never listen about it, I don’t think it was in course ever. Then he describes some thing about it. While listening to the description, Don’t be silent try to asking questions regarding your doubt and the other corner test-cases try to be smart ( don’t ask any silly question ). If you feel that question is easy So tell your approaches not direct solution. Like “Sir I think every answer has a common thing it is blah blah, I think it may be a key point for our solution. ” Try to talk to your interviewer while writing code. Don’t be busy in writing code. Let me explain what you can talk to your interviewer while writing code. While writing the code any doubt or confusion come to your mind or any corner test-cases, just ask the interviewer he will really waiting for you. Actually, interviewers do not want a solution they are just checking how you approach a given problem. If interviewer impressed by you than sooner you will called for another one. 10-15 min after the end of first interview I was called for other that guys are very smart he asked me three mathematics question ( Related to programming ). 1st question he asked me to find the number of zeros in N!. Being over-smart I told the solution in one line And said it is very easy quest, Everyone knows the answer. He just smiles and throws a very hard question of probability on me. I feel f*** up., The question was you have a website of lottery purchase, simultaneously the people buying lottery from your site. You have to choose a candidate randomly with uniform probability. Luckily He was impressed by my previous answers so he gave me lots of hints to find out the solution. At last, I found the solution he told me to code it, I write a code but he did not agree, and told me it is not correct, write other, Then finally I write a correct code. Both were happy and satisfied. Then he asked me the 5-6 question of Operating system, the difference between mutex and semaphore, process and thread, what is the new tab in chrome process or thread, what should you do to share the same resources by more than one process simultaneously etc, luckily he was satisfied by my answer and looked impressed. then the next round was HR round, that was very easy. If you were doing your projects by yourself. You can not fool HR, he was very good in machine learning and artificial Intelligence.
Do hard work in summer with gfg, you will surely get an internship on 1st day. Trust me if you fail to get an internship on the 1st day, It will be harder to get from next day. CGI matter in everywhere, But talent is also blessed.

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