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Microsoft Interview Experience (On-Campus Internship)

Last Updated : 17 Aug, 2021
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We had Microsoft internship drive on campus for SDE and ML profiles. All rounds were online because of COVID.

Students who had 8 CGPA and above, were asked to apply on Microsoft careers website. We had a coding round for SDE and MCQ type questions for ML Profile.  

Coding Round : 

We had 3 questions on Mettl Platform. We had access to C++, but no access to STL. So I coded all questions in Python

1.  Length of LIS –

2. Given a set of n points, find the minimum distance of all pairs of points. 

– Greedy solution expected

3. Given an array of n elements, find the mean, median and mode of the array.

 I was able to pass all test cases in all questions. Based on the coding and ML round and resumes, we were selected for SDE/ML/Both roles. I got selected for SDE interview.

Round 1:

I was asked resume based questions (my experience working as a Research Assistant in 2019)  and one coding question.

It was a variation of, to print only alternate nodes.

Round 2:

I was asked about the current Research Assistant-ship I was doing, my past internship with a startup. I was asked some Search Engine related questions. I had one coding question, with an in-depth discussion

Round 3:

I was asked about the projects I was proud of, where I see myself in 5 years. 

I had one coding question, we discussed

All the interviewers were very friendly and were patient in listening to what I wanted to say.

By the end of the day, I was offered the internship, along with others.

Thank you GFG, I was able to go through the internship experiences of others, which helped me a lot ! Not to mention all the times, I looked up GFG for Data Structure and Algo related queries

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