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Recently i was interviewed for Build Team Engg. role in Microsoft hyderabad. I was selected.
I am really thankful to GeeksForGeeks site which gave me motivation and will to prepare for the company, with the help of material on the site only I got selected.


    3 D.S questions

  1. Rotate an array by K.
  2. Reverse a link list. If you are able to reverse a link list than reverse the K node’s of link list.
  3. Find the pair of values in the array whose sum is equal to K.

First Round of interview –
Was asked to come up to an optimal solution for all the above three questions in the written.

Second Round –

    Some general discussion about my projects and some curriculum subjects.

  1. Two numbers are stored in link list, need to add those two number.
    I was also asked to write the test case which breaks the code.
  2. how does the telephone directory search of nokia phone works. If i give a name it should get me the contact number and vice versa.

Third round –

    Some general discussion on the projects.

  1. I was asked how search of windows work and asked to give a good indexing scheme for that.

Fourth Round –

    Some general HR question like 1. why this company? 2. Why leaving your old company?

  1. Given an array which contains a number in majority (i.e. A number occurs more than 50% times in the array) need to find it.
  2. Given an array which is rotated N times(N is unknown),I need to search a number in it.

In each and every question they were looking for an efficient solution and if I was getting stuck somewhere they were also giving hints.

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