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Mercedes Benz Research Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 30 Mar, 2020

Round 1: This was the first technical round. I was interviewing for the software role for mbrdi Bangalore office. They started off with Object Oriented Programming basics(OOPS). 

Q1. Please explain about the different OOP properties(Encapsulation, polymorphism, Inheritance, Abstraction)

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Q2. Questions based on Operator overloading, overriding and Virtual Functions.

Q3. Questions on Classes and Objects.

Q4. Please explain about Linear Time Invariant Systems(LTI) and give an example of a LTI system.(Please brush up your core concepts according to your department)

They basically test your confidence and skillset at the same time. So don’t be flustered if you give a wrong answer.

Q5. Basic questions on threads and processes (Brush up your OS basics).

Round 2: This round is CV based. Please be very thorough with your CV. They will take each and every single line of your CV and test you based on it

Q1. Discussion about my Internship Experiences.

Q2. Explain how a deep neural network works. Backpropagation, Gradient Descent, Optimization Algorithms, Loss functions.

Q3. Explain Logistic Regression and the role of Activation functions in DL?

Q4. NLP basics. Word Embeddings, Sentiment Analysis, applications of RNN, LSTM’s in NLP

Q5. What are the applications of ML and AI in Automotive Development.

Q6. Explain Support Vector Machine(SVM) and it’s working.


There’s absolutely no need to panic if you don’t know some of the above. As i said, this is CV based round and be very thorough with your CV.

Round 3: HR round

Tell me something about yourself

Discussion about CTC, relocation, Growth Prospects etc.

Be calm, showcase your communication skills by interacting well with him. Ask some questions about the kind of work etc.


The complete process lasted about nearly 2 hours.

Final result : Selected


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