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Mentor Graphics Interview Experience 2019 | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019

Round 1 : Aptitude + Technical + Coding Section

  • The first section was Aptitude consisting of 20 questions to be solved in 20 minutes.

The technical section could be done in JAVA/C++ only.Once chosen the language the same language need’s to be followed for technical + coding sections.

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Round 2 : 20 people were shortlisted for the interview
This round a one-to-one personal interview which was 100% coding based.
I was asked the following questions :

  • Root to leaf path of a binary tree.
  • Check if binary tree is a sum tree.
  • Vertical Order Traversal in a binary tree.
  • Given an number and it’s index find if it’s a valid index for that number in the game of Sudoku.
  • Given two coordinated find if the lines intersect.

Round 3 : Advanced Coding Round
This section began with a “Tell me about yourself question”. In this round we were expected to find the most optimal solution for a given problem statement. The questions asked were based on dynamic programming.
For Example : Given an array of cost price and selling price of an item find the day when the item must be bought and sold in-order to make maximum profit. The selling price must be on the right side of cost price in the array.The maximum time complexity O(n).
Two similar questions were asked.
Round 4 : HR Round
This round began with a basic set of questions like:
– Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses.
– How long can we expect you to for if hired.
– Questions for family background.
– Why do you want to work for us etc.

It also consisted of one puzzle :
The complexity of this problem was increased by :
1. Prove using induction that a triangle can be formed in this place with all points of the same colour
2. Prove using induction that a polygon can be formed in this plane with all points of the same colour.
Round 5 : Final Round
The final round was again an HR round which included questions like :
– Tell me about yourself
– Family Background
– What do you know about the organisation
– How long can we expect you to for if hired.
– Tell me about your project and internships.
– I had done a bunch of courses on coursera so I had to explain what I did.
– The softwares used in the organisation are based on JAVA, So he asked me questions like why don’t you want to work on python?
– Do you have any questions for me ?
A total of 9 students made it till the 5th round and out of them 5 were selected finally.
For anyone who is aiming for this company make sure you have a good command on Trees and Dynamic Programming.I hope you make through it !!

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