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Mentor Graphics Interview Experience | Set 3 (Off-Campus for Software Developer)

Last Updated : 10 Aug, 2017
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In total 6 rounds were there.

Round 1: Written Test (90 Min)

You have to write code on paper, no need to run.
They will ask you for language you want to choose. Based on language they will give you question paper.

This test will include 4 sections.
section a: 5 C/C++ multiple choice questions

section b: 5 DS/Algo coding questions
like: convert string to integer, find pair of elements whose sum equal to a given number, find path with minimum cost in a matrix from left top corner to right bottom corner, Implement your own Bst Iterator.

section c: 3 quiz were there.

section d: 1 Design question.

Round 2: F2F Technical Round (Around 2hr long for me)

Start from normal introduction. He ask me everything from Resume.
Long discussion on OOPS concepts in detail(around 1 hr).
Then He ask me some of the questions from Array and Tree.
In the last he asked me 1 puzzle.

Round 3 : F2F Technical Round (Around 1.5hr long for me)

Start from rating in design , ds/algo, any programming language and rating in that out of 10.

Then He ask some geometry related question. I gave 2 solution, He told me to code on paper. But he was looking for some other optimized solution.
Finally he gave me hint and I was able to find that solution. He was very happy then.

He asked me time complexity of every approach and why?

Round 4 : F2F Technical And Hiring Manager Round (Around 2 hr long for me)

He asked me some background details about me. after some discussion from Resume. Then he switched to technical round.
He asked me some question from written test again and told me write code again with all possible boundary cases.
It tool a lot of time.

Then He asked me about OOPS concepts in details.
He discussed basic operation in stack, queue with code.

Long discussion on Bst search and bst Iterator.

Round 5 : F2F (Director Round around 40 min)

It was just a Hr round you can say. he asked me something from resume.
He asked me some questions like:
What do you know about mentor graphics?
Why you want to switch?

Then I asked about company and projects.

Round 6 : F2F Hr Round (around 1.5hr)

She asked me many things from resume and about me.
She asked me all possible hr questions.
Finally I asked some questions to her.

In the last she told me to share some documents.

Conclusion : Overall it was a great learning for me. I learned a lot from all rounds. If you are a fresher or 1 year experience . They will ask Ds/algo/oops like hell. so guys prepare everything from ds algo and oops. gud luck. Thanks Geeksforgeeks.

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