MakeMyTrip Interview Experience | Set 17 (Senior Software Engineer)

Round 1:

How to make class immutable

Shift linked list by k elements

Iterative merge sort

Round 2:


Given rules of below  kind of format

R1= e1&e2|(e3&e1)

Where e(i)  is an expression. ( Not necessary to be defined for the problem). There can be n number of rules. The rules can get complex.. the question is how do you store these rules( what data structure/ class structure) so that if there are 10 rules out of n to be applied on some parameter, you need to print what is the result of each rule. Main question is how to store these rules.


R1= e1&(e2|e3)& e4|(e1&e2)

R2= …..


R100= ….

Interviewer have the hint to store them in forest with expressions as nodes and rule id as edge. Live below .


First expand it as (e2&e1)|(e3&e1). Store as below forest..




Clone linked list with each node having random pointers sorry from next . Without any extra space


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