Magnetic Tape memory

Magnetic drums, magnetic tape and magnetic disks are types of magnetic memory. These memories use property for magnetic memory. Here, we have explained about magnetic tape in brief.

Magnetic Tape memory :
In magnetic tape only one side of the ribbon is used for storing data. It is sequential memory which contains thin plastic ribbon to store data and coated by magnetic oxide. Data read/write speed is slower because of sequential access. It is highly reliable which requires magnetic tape drive writing and reading data.

Image from Wikipedia – Magnetic Tape Memory

The width of the ribbon varies from 4mm to 1 Inch and it has storage capacity 100 MB to 200 GB.

Let’s see various advantages and disadvantages of Magnetic Tape memory.

Advantages :

  1. These are inexpensive, i.e., low cost memories.
  2. It provides backup or archival storage.
  3. It can be used for large files.
  4. It can be used for copying from disk files.
  5. It is a reusable memory.
  6. It is compact and easy to store on racks.

Disadvantages :

  1. Sequential access is the disadvantage, means it does not allow access randomly or directly.
  2. It requires caring to store, i.e., vulnerable humidity, dust free, and suitable environment.
  3. It stored data cannot be easily updated or modified, i.e., difficult to make updates on data.

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