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Lernex Interview Experience For Human resource

Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2024
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Date and Time: January 10, 2024

Company: lernex

Positions: Human resource


I applied for an interview at lernex internship program which was a 2-month remote internship program eligible for freshers/graduates/under-graduates. after applying for the internship within 24 hours I got a call for the interview. which took place in two rounds first round comprised a normal interview which was 10 to 15 minutes. and in the second interview we were given the task to perform and complete it within two days the task was moderate and could be easily completed in two days.

Interview Round 1:


  • It started with a brief introduction of myself and why I want to be a part of this internship.
  • They asked 3 to 4 questions of which the most common were skills required and a brief introduction of yourself.
  • The interview went well and the interviewer was also friendly.

Assessment (2 days):

  • A two-day task was given to us to select candidates who are suitable for this internship and give their feedback.
  • The task went smoothly and willingly 5 to 6 people responded to it.
  • After clearing the task they promoted me to the next department.

Q&A Session (15 minutes):

  • This session was a video call session on Meet.
  • They asked questions more like a face-to-face interview
  • The questions that were asked went smoothly and were like hobbies and interests.

Key Takeaways:

It was a nice experience for me and a friendly atmosphere was there and the people were also nice.

Follow Up:

I was informed that I would get my interview results within 24 hours and for further things I would be informed later on.

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