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L & T Infotech Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 Pune

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Result:- Selected

The Entire interview process was awesome. LTI provides clarity about everything. The interview process was consisted of 3 rounds and the starting of the first round was in June. LTI has two packages such as level 1 and level 2. Those who can crack the coding round are eligible for higher package. First round was online questioning on PC.

1. Aptitude Round:-

It consists of 6 sections:-

1. Quantitative Aptitude (10 Que-10Min):- Do practice Speed, Time and Distance, Problems on ages, Profit loss.

2. Logical MCQ’S (10 Que-10Min)

3. Verbal MCQ’S

4. Psychomatric Test( 80 Que – 20 Min) :- Just be honest about your behavior while selecting answers.

5. Paragraph Writing ( Easy to write)

6. Coding Round :- Practice on the array, strings questions. My coding Questions was String palindrome. See logics on geeksforgeeks about programs.

The coding round is easy to crack as they never asked advance programs. It will be basic programs.

From our class 80 students appeared, and out of which 21 got selected for Technical.

Tip:- Time Management is important. Most of the students got eliminated due to lack of time.

2. Technical Round:-

In the Technical round, he asked me about 2 years bond and relocation. He also asked me about oops concepts like Encapsulation, Can we call c++ as oops,etc.

My friends were asked about dbms questions like difference between clustering and non clustering database, local and global variable. So you should be prepared accordingly. While explaining to the interviewer, be confident and speak whatever you know about concept. I also did same. He also asked me HR questions in the Technical round like Where do you see urself in next 5 years?, hobbies? So in the technical rounds also, they were checking your communication skills.

In your resume, you should be confident about the points you mentioned in resume. Don’t put anything which you don’t know. The technical round was easy for me to crack as I explained each and every concept him very clearly.

Out of 21, 8 got selected for HR

3. HR Round:-

 HR round was a cakewalk. It was stressful and panel also was friendly. She asked about relocation and bonds again. Don’t say No to any of their condition about night shift or location or bond. Otherwise, you will simply reject yourself at that point. She aksed about my interview experience and the technologies I learnt during lockdown. Just be confident and talk genuinely and politely with your HR.

The only way you get rejected in the HR round is that either you didn’t speak a single word or you abused HR. Just speak and get yourself placed in LTI.

The overall interview process was good. Hope this article will help you to crack LTI interviews.

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Last Updated : 01 Jul, 2021
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