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Kronos Incorporated Interview | Set 3 (On Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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Kronos came to our campus to hire intern.I am describing the process.
Location : Noida
C.G.P.A criteria- 7.0+
Round 1: Online Round of 2 hours

Around 140 students appeared for the online exam.The question was divided into 2 set,

  • One set was aptitude and the other was c++ basic question.
  • Aptitude section was easy and for the c++ section the basic knowledge of language,object oriented programming,output based question. The questions were easy with speed and confidence as the key to crack the round.

Round 2: H.R Round
The H.R Round was chill and it aimed at just checking the communication skill of the person and whether the person could adapt to the working environment of the company or not.
Puzzles were asked in the interview along with some common H.R question.

Round 3: Technical Round
The Technical Round aimed at checking the proficiency of the students in their area.
Question from class, implementation, sorting, programming,pseudocode,algorithms were asked in this.

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