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Kony India Interview Experience

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Round 1: Online Coding Round

First round was having 2 simple coding questions and near about 15 Quant/Aptitude questions that were of intermediate level. One coding question was finding duplicates in a string ( case-insensitive ).

59 out of 550 cleared this round.

Round 2: Technical Round

Top 16 students were allowed to move to Round 3 directly while all others have to go through this round.

Here, there was 1 coding question where you are given a linked list and you have to keep ‘m’ elements and then delete ‘n’ elements and do this repeatedly until you have any node remaining.

Students were judged on the basis of three conditions:

a) Good Code ( Efficient code )

b) Readable ( Variable and Function naming convention followed or not )

c) Bug Free Code ( Code should run as it is )

6 out of 43 students cleared this round.

Round 3: Technical Interview

Total 16+6=22 students reached this round.

This was face to face round. Interview asked two question from DS and some questions from the projects.

First Question was same as the question in previous round.

Second question was, you have to merge one sorted array into another sorted array ( having space for elements of first array ) without using any auxiliary space.

14 out of 22 students cleared this round.

Round 4: Technical Interview

This was again face to face interview. This round was having coding questions from Tree and Graph.

First question was to check whether the given Tree T1 is mirror image of Tree T2 or not and write a code for the same.

Second question was to write a code for preOrder, postOrder and InOrder of mirror image of given tree.

Interviewers were very friendly, they gave a lot of time to do all this.

Round 5: VP Round

VP sir was very friendly. It was a challenging round. He gave a single coding question that I have to do in ‘C’ only and the conditions for the code were same as in Round 2 ( Good, Readable, Error-Free ).

Question was to replace a substring in ‘C’ without using any library function except strstr().

He asked me how much time I want, I requested for 10 minutes and he gave me 20 minutes saying that speed have no extra marks but any of the given condition violated, then you will be rejected.

I completed that questions within 20 minutes. He checked and told me that your code is perfect except one thing that it will print some garbage along with the answer. ( I forgot to add ‘\0’ at the end of string ).

After this round they gave me a hint that I wound be selected but said nothing.

Round 6: HR Round

This was the final round. HR was very friendly. He asked me two three questions and then allowed me to come later for the results. He asked me why do you want to join Kony and where do you see yourself in next two three years?

Finally, 3 students were selected after this round.


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Last Updated : 09 Jul, 2019
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