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JP Morgan Interview Experience Through Code For Good(CFG)

Last Updated : 05 Feb, 2021
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For Full-Time 2021

Round 1(Online Coding Test):

The Online Test was conducted on Hackerrank, 2 questions were asked 

I don’t remember the exact questions,

The first question was, 2 strings are given as input and we have to check if those strings are almost equivalent or not and output as YES or NO. It was similar to this

The second question was, give no of projects(n), an array of projects (proj), an array of costs to complete those projects (cost) as input and we have to calculate minimum Price, it can be achieved through Dictionary (in Python)/ Maps (in C++) (This is the Underlying Data structure).

Round 2(Video Interview):

This is the online video interview with the robot. It basically has 2 questions, a question pops up and 30 secs time is given to prepare and given a maximum of 2 mins to speak on that particular question.

The first question was, Describe a situation where you felt you didn’t have proper communication and had to solve it?

The second question was, What are your specific goals for your future?

Tips: Make sure you have proper lighting, you are clearly visible and no disturbance around!! 

From our college 55 were selected for Code for Good Hackathon

Round 3(Code for Good Hackathon):

This year hackathon was conducted virtually all over the country(India). All the selected candidates are divided into a team of 6 members by the company (Mix of different students of different colleges). 

On the day of the hackathon, there would be 6 problem statements given by different NGOs connected to the company. Around 10 mins are given to all the teams to order their interesting statements (It is like Fastest Finger First). Once the time is over they will let you know the problem statement you are allotted with. 

It’s a 24-hour hackathon you are given time till next day morning and 2 mentors also allotted to each team and SME’s also be available in case if you need any technical help. Make sure you commit your changes to the Github time to time so that you won’t miss any code. 

After the hackathon time, we have to upload the project on to the portal. And reviews are done by the technical team and the respective NGO. After all, the reviews at the end of the event Winners would be announced!!

Tips: Have some basics on Git and Github

After around a month Results were announced and I was not Selected.

But after 2 months I got a mail that I need to face an additional interview(This may not happen to everyone). 

Round 4(Face-Face Interview):  

The interviewer asked Self-Introduction.

Next went on to my resume and asked about my favourite project and asked me to explain that. Based on that he further asked me questions related to my project.

Tips: Make sure you have read and checked your resume carefully, Be Confident enough while giving your self-introduction.

And Finally, I got SELECTED for JPMC Full Time Software Engineer- 2021 🙂 🙂



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