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Job Scope for Android Developers

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Android is an open-source operating system based on Linux Kernel and used in smart devices like Android Phones, Watches, T.V., Tablets, etc. Android was developed by Open Handset Alliances and led by Google and other companies.  So, these companies develop a software “Android Studio” through which Developers can develop devices that only run on Android Operating System. Also, According to Google, In today’s world, almost 2.5 billion Android devices are active. It means most of the population of the world uses Android Devices. Numerous people depend on Android devices then it is certain that they face some problems or need improvement on such types of devices. So for that Android developers are hired for that.

For Example: On 22 October 2008 an android software was launched named “Google Play “.  So when it was launched on Android Device its user interface is not very much friendly as it is now. So on the feedback of Google Play users, the performance and bugs are removed every day by Google Play Developer. So it was very tedious work for a single person to remove all types of bugs and act on feedback so that Android developers are hired so that users will use optimized Software. 

Job Scope for Android Developers

We are always fascinated while using any App on any device like How these apps built, it is just magic shown by some coder, etc. But it is no miracle.  An App is developed by an Android Developer and in order to handle the issues faced by App User’s Android Developer are hired for it. So let’s discuss Who are Android Developers.

Who are Android Developers?

An Android Developer is responsible for developing Android Applications for devices that are powered by Android Operating System. An Android Developer not only develops Android Application’s but also remove bugs, update software, software maintenance, etc. Also, an android developer must pay special attention to application compatibility with multiple versions of android and different types of android operating systems. While seeing how Apps are Created, so it becomes a desire that I want to become an Android Developer. So let’s see how to become Android Developer.

How to become an Android Developer?

Become an Android Developer is not a big deal or Miracle. One must require some dedication, willingness, consistency, and interest in Android development. After that one has two options to go with Android Development:

  • Android Development using Java.
  • Android development using Kotlin.

About the Roadmap how to start? Where to start? And how to finish? And all other queries please refer to Roadmap for Android Development.

Skills Required for An Android Developer

When a Job Description is posted by a company that wants to hire an Android developer for example:

Suppose, XYZ Company is looking for an Android Developer, so they will give job Description as Our Company needs an Android developer who is responsible for the development of Android Application and able to maintain it. Also, their primary focus will be the development of Android Applications with integration with Back-end Services and have a strong command of Problem-solving, Data structure, etc.

So, Below are some important skills that are must for an Android Developer:

  • Degree in Computer Science or another branch, and sometimes it is not mandatory to have a Degree but in most cases, one must be either pursuing Computer Science or any other degree or completed our degree.
  • One must have strong Projects developed using Android and publishing Projects on Google Play or any android Play Store is a Plus.
  • One must have strong knowledge related to Android like what is Android SDK? It’s components, different versions of Android, android architecture, how to deal with different screen sizes, etc.
  • Solid understanding of Android Development Life cycle.
  • Strong knowledge of Android UI design principles.
  • Have a good command of Code Versioning tools such as Git.
  • Have experience with APIs, third-party libraries, offline storage, threading, and some networking techniques.

Job Scope of Android Developers

In today’s world, everything is shifted online and also most people will more user-friendly with Mobile as compared to desktop and PC. so out of the 2.5 billion’s people are Android device user’s so due to this the demand, Android Developer’s increased rapidly. Thus, Android developers have great Job Scope in the Industry. In India, nearly 67 % out of 100% of mobile Developers are Android developers, the rest 21% Developers are iOS Developer’s, 10 % both Android and iOS, and the remaining developers are Window’s App Developer’s. As the percent of Android developers are more it means it is the most demanding skill in India.

As android is the most used Operating System in the world thus demand for skilled Android developers is increased day by day even he is a fresher or an experienced person. In Job portals like LinkedIn, GeeksforGeeks,, glassdoor, and Company’s Career Page one can find a number of jobs regarding Android Developer as an Intern, Freelancer, or full-time opportunity as well.

  • In Geeksforgeeks Job Portal, nearly 2 out of 10 Jobs are dedicated to Android Developers.
  • In the LinkedIn portal the everyday number of Job’s are opened for Android Developer for Experienced, Fresher, Intern as well nationally as well as internationally, and also they will pay a good amount of Salary to the Android Developers.
  • According to the data of “BusinessOfApps,” various Indian Universities and Institutes provide nearly 24% of Android developer’s to the IT Sector under the Category of 0-2 Year Experienced Employee and 42% of IT Companies will hire Android Developer’s who are under 2-5 year of Experience which is much that other iOS and Windows App Developer.
  • In other various Platforms like, Glassdoor, and companies career pages posted various jobs regarding Android Developers.

Not only that one can also become a freelancer on a portal such as UpWork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour, Fiverr, etc. where we can either generate passive income while doing Job or become full-time Freelancer. The Minimum amount earned from Freelancing Sites is nearly 2-3 LPA.

The salary trend for Android Developer

  • According to the data in Glassdoor, an average salary of an android developer is ₨ 400000/year.
  • According to the data in LinkedIn, an average salary of an android developer is Rs 25,000 per month.
  • According to Glassdoor, the average salary for Android freelancers is ranged between ₹4,87,822-₹5,23,786.
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Last Updated : 29 Mar, 2021
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