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IgniteWorld (Bharti SoftBank Portal) Interview Experience | Set 1

Last Updated : 02 Sep, 2019
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I was interviewed for windows developer.

Round 1 – telephonic

  • About yourself
  • Work done on windows platform
  • What is mvvm
  • What is data binding
  • Difference between Observable collection and List
  • INotifyPropertyChanged
  • ICollectionChanged
  • Why and where do we use “using” statement
  • Do you know socket programming? ( I said no )
  • ListBox vs LongListSelector

Round 2 – f2f DS

Round 3 – simulation round

Building an app in 3 hours using Flickr api where the user can search for a tag and it returns photos with that tag. The feed needed to have infinite scrolling where more photos are loaded on reaching the end of the current set of photos.

Things that mattered-

  • Virtualization
  • Background creation of images
  • MVVM implementation
  • Virtualization
  • Json parsing

Round 4 – f2f with Director of Engineering(DOE)
I was just asked a single question here, a puzzle, asked in form of a programming problem. I was asked to suggest solutions considering both, DS and the logical solution of the puzzle.

There’s a circular hotel lobby with doors that leads to different rooms. There light inside the room can be on/off. You need to check and turn off light in every room. Number of rooms is not known, you can travel in both directions.

Identifying the starting point holds the crux here as the lobby is circular and number of rooms is not known.

Round 5 – HR

  • About yourself
  • Why windows
  • Why engineering
  • How you got into app development
  • And mostly behavioral questions and compensation discussion.

I would like to thanks geeksforgeeks that helped me immensely in my preparations for this interview.

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