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IgniteWorld (Bharti SoftBank Portal) Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

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Hi, I was recently Ignite world visited our college for MTS

Round -1
Aptitude test which consisted of around 50 MCQS ,out of which 30 are aptitude and 20 programming questions which included OOP concepts and c questions.
Time duration 1 hour
around 150 students appeared for the test all the branches were allowed but basically require students who are technically sound. They shorlisted 15 students i was one amonst the shortlisted students.

Round -2
What is virtualisation and paging?
Difference between a thread and a process.
Asked to explain various scheduling algorithms.
Threads in detail
what are the problems arising in multithreaded applications how can we solve them ?
Difference between semaphore and mutex.
i was given an quite tricky example and asked if if there is any deadlock and was to modify the code if required.
Define a doubly linked list WAP to reverse it in inplace.
To check if the parenthesis are balanced .
And finally few questions on my project.

Round -3
Print all the corner nodes of a binary tree clockwise starting from parent node, was asked to code on paper
Dynamic programming question find best strategy for winning the game( two players collect maximum sum of coin value picking coin alternatively either top one or the bottom most one).
meanwhile i was writing the code the interviewer went through my resume and asked on all topics of my areas of interest and questions on my project, chalenges faced etc.

Round -4
This was totally HR round asked why i would like to join their company , how long would i stay with the company what positives and negatives did you find in the company etc. Tried to demotivate me and misguide me but i didn’t fall in the trap, he was very much impressed by my answers .

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Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019
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