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Infosys Infytq Interview Experience for System Engineer (July 2022)

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Interviewer- Tell me about yourself?

Me– Answered

Interviewer- Asks me to explain Entity Relationship

Me- Answered Correctly, Told her definitions of entities and relationships b/w them via the standard example of Student & Teacher

Interviewer- Asks me the name of Agile Model of Software Engineering indirectly.

Me- Not getting the name Agile at that time, so I told her that I’m not getting the name right now and started telling her about the agile model and how & what procedures followed.

Interviewer- Have you heard about the agile model?

Me- Yes !! This is what you were asking

Interviewer- Asks me to write code for adding a new node in a linked list in notepad or paper

Me- Wrote & explained the code correctly

Interviewer- Which language will be faster Python or java

Me- Answered on the basis of execution time (java will execute faster as compared to python)

Interviewer- Asks me whether I have any questions from my side?

Me- On What technologies I’ll will be working on if I get selected?

Interviewer- Told me that all this depends on the project & needs. Followed by congratulating me that I’m Selected.

Overall Interview Experience was good & Interviewer tries to make the candidate comfortable during the whole process. It was of around 12-15 minutes of Interviews. The difficulty level was easy, They were focused on DBMS, Any coding Language, OOPS, Software Engineering 

Last Updated : 25 Jul, 2022
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