Infosys(Infytq) Certification Exam (Systems Engineer Role)

Round 1(Online Test)

The first round comprises of 50 mcq’s and 2 coding questions including python,DBMS and oops(Test duration is 2hrs)

The coding part consists of 2 questions , the questions from strings and basic maths,The difficulty level is medium.

MCQ’S are from python object oriented concepts and dbms (difficulty level is easy to medium).

Round 2(Group Interview)

The second round is basically HR and Technical combined,which was very easy.

The below are the questions asked in the interview

1)Tell me about yourself

2)How do you came to know about INFYTQ certification.

3)What percentage do you got in certification exam.

4)Questions on DBMS(joins and sub querys).

5)Why Infosys?

6)About my strengths and weakness.

7) Do you have any Location constraints?

8)Little discussions over my extra curricular activities written in resume.

9)Projects mentioned in my resume.

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