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Infoedge Interview Experience | On-Campus

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  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2021
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Infoedge visited our campus in August 2019. The process consists of four rounds: Screening Test, Two technical interviews and HR interview. 

Round 1: This round was a screening test. There were 35 questions to be done in 40 minutes. The test was divided into 2 parts: 

1.) Aptitude: 15 questions in 20 minutes. Topics: Time and Work, Work and Distance, Profit and loss, Probability, etc. 

2.)Technical: 20 questions in 20 minutes. Topics: Code snippet(C language), pointers, Classes, searching and sorting algorithms, etc. 

80 students appeared for the test and 16 were shortlisted for the next round. 

Round 2: This was resume based round and the interviewer started with the projects I have done so far and many questions were asked based on resume. Then he asked two questions on data structures: 

1.) First from Dynamic Programming and the question was to the unique paths in a binary matrix. Given a grid of size m * n, let us assume you are starting at (1, 1) and your goal is to reach (m, n). At any instance, if you are on (x, y), you can either go to (x, y + 1) or (x + 1, y). 

2.) Second from the linked list: Recursively reverse the linked list. 

Round 3: This round was more focused on logical skills rather than technical. One puzzle was asked and the puzzle was 

Other questions were: 

1.) Tell me about yourself. 

2.) What is machine learning? (From  my resume) 

3.) Detailed Discussion on one of my projects and the in-depth knowledge of your project is required as the questions were very difficult. 

4.)Some OOPS concepts like polymorphism, abstraction, etc. 

5.)DBMS queries like find 3rd largest value from a given database table. 

Round 4: This was HR round, it took 15 minutes to investigate me. He asked me about me, my background like Home town, Family background. After that, he asked me what do you know about the company and why Infoedge. He also asked me to give feedback for both the technical interviews and rate yourself and interviewers too. Then he said, Any questions? Do ask questions. 


1.) Be confident and charismatic. 

2.) Do not rush to the solution. Give an insight into your mind to the interviewer via amazing demonstration. 

3.) Practice lots of puzzles on geeks for geeks. 

4.) Prepare your projects very well.

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