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Incedo Interview Experience | On-Campus 2021

  • Last Updated : 31 Aug, 2021

Online Coding Round: This round had 5 sections.

  • MCQs on English grammar
  • MCQs on Logical ability
  • Debugging Questions (We had to remove compilation and logical Errors in the code snippet)
  • MCQs on CS theory including OS, DBMS, DSA
  • Behavioral Questions

First Technical Interview: Discussion on basic programming and theoretical concepts (duration 30 min)

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  • Introduce Yourself  
  • Briefly Explain your project
  • He gave me a vague explanation of a database and asked me to give some suggestions on how we can design the data, I started to ask him lots of questions about the schema of the database before arriving at my answer
  • What is normalization? Briefly explain all 4 normalization forms.
  • Write a query to perform Inner Join on two given tables
  • Referential Integrity in database
  • Given a list of data, how will we search for any required element? I asked if the data was sorted, he said yes so I suggested he perform a binary search on data. He asked me to explain the working of Binary Search and its pseudocode.
  • Tell me about your hobbies
  • Do you have any questions from us(the company)

Leadership Round: Discussion on basic programming and theoretical concepts (duration 30 min)

  • Introduce Yourself
  • Difference between new and malloc, the difference between delete and free()
  • Declare a 2D array dynamically of size m*n, take input and print the matrix
  • Given the root of a binary tree, convert the tree to its mirror image
  • He asked me if I was interested in any technologies like cloud computing, AI/ML, etc
  • Do you have any questions from us(the company)

My Suggestion:  

  • Be prepared for any question related to info you have put on your resume
  • You must be familiar with all the technologies you have used in your project, the interviewer can literally ask anything
  • Stay positive and confident throughout the process, and keep a smiling face, fortunately, both my interviewers were very friendly and kind, but be prepared for weird ones too.
  • It really helps to build a positive vibe when your hobbies match with the interviewer, so do not put random stuff in your hobbies.  

All the Best!!

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