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Incedo Interview Experience for Software Engineer

  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021

Incedo visited our Campus in the Month of September 2021. It was open to all the branches, I personally am from IT (Information Technology) branch. Nearly 1000+ students applied from diverse branches of our Campus.

Round 1(Online Test) – It consisted of MCQs from the topics related to Aptitude (Quants, Reasoning, Analysis, Logic etc.) and some of the fundamental Computer-Science related concepts (OS, DBMS, Output Detection).

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  • It also had a Section where we were needed to debug the errors and correct the wrong codes by editing them as per necessity.
  • Finally, our Attitude/Habits related questions were also asked in MCQ pattern.
  • The Time duration was 95 mins in total.

Round 2(Technical Interview) – It was conducted virtually in which questions related to our Skills and Projects we mentioned in our Resume were asked.

  • There were also some HR questions in between like Challenging-situations faced so far, advantages of a Fresher, etc.
  • Its Time duration was 30 mins in total.

Round 3(Leadership Interview) – It was also conducted virtually in which some deep Discussions of topics like Recent Problems in Society, Experience vs Raw Knowledge, Meditation, Science/Logics behind Nature and its Laws were discussed. It lasted around 35 – 40 mins in total.

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