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Impact and Example of Artificial Intelligence

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  • Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2021
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Artificial Intelligence is a kind of technology with the promise of transforming the way the world works. This is a never before seen scale of economic impact, it impacts every industry and aspect of our lives. Artificial Intelligence means different things to different people.

Videogame designer – For a videogame designer, AI means writing the code that affects how bots play, and the way the environment reacts to the player.

Screenwriter – For a screenwriter, AI means a character that acts like a human, with some of computer features mixed in.

Data Scientist – For a scientist, AI may be a way of exploring and classifying data to satisfy specific goals.

AI algorithms that learn by example are the factor we can chat with Watson, Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant, and that they can talk back to us. The natural language processing and natural language generation capabilities of AI are creating new opportunities and new ways of doing business. There are many examples of AI in our daily lifestyle which are changing our life dramatically. Some of them are :

Chatbots – Chatbots which are powered by NLP capabilities, are getting used in healthcare to question patients and run basic diagnoses like real doctors. In education, they’re providing students with easy to find out conversational interfaces and on-demand online tutors. Customer experience are improving  by resolving queries on the spot and freeing up agents time for conversations that add value with the help of Customer service chatbots.

Medicine – within the field of drugs , it’s helping patients with Lou Gehrig’s disease, for instance , to regain their real voice instead of a computerized voice.

Object recognition – it’s thanks to advances in AI that the sector of computer vision has been ready to surpass humans in tasks associated with detecting and labeling objects. Computer vision helps in identifying objects that’s why cars can steer their way on roads and highways and avoid hitting obstacles.

Facial Recognition – Computer vision algorithms detect faces of people and pictures and compare them with databases of face profiles. This is what allows consumer devices to authenticate the identities of their owners through face recognition , social media apps to detect and tag users, and enforcement agencies to identify criminals in video feeds.

Automation – Computer vision algorithms are helping automate tasks. It plays a crucial role in detecting cancerous moles in skin images or finding symptoms in x-ray and MRI scan.

Healthcare – AI is impacting healthcare in significant ways, by helping doctors reach more accurate preliminary diagnoses, reading medical imaging, finding appropriate clinical trials for patients. It is not just affecting patient outcomes But also making operational processes less costly .

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