IHS Markit Interview Experience | On-Campus Internship

Round 1: Online Round on AMCAT Platform 

The first round primarily consisted of Aptitude,Logical Reasoning,Verbal and Technical Multi Choice Questions.The Technical MCQs mostly contained OOPS,Data Structures and Concepts of C and Java,OS and DBMS.There were 75 MCQs to be answered in 75 minutes. 

Tips –  Go through all C and Java MCQs available on Geeks for Geeks.Use Indiabix website for Aptitude and Logical Reasoning Questions. 

Qualifying Ratio – 48/360 

Round 2: Group-Discussion 

The students who qualified Round-1 were eligible to join the Pre-Placement Talk where the company briefed about its Establishment, Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives. 

Tips – Pay attention to what is being briefed as you may be asked about it in your HR Interview Round.This tip is applicable for any On Campus Placement that involves a Pre-Placement Session/Talk. 

All the students were divided into Batches and were given a topic to discuss.The topics ranged from Technology to Economics to Political Sciences.The time frame provided was 10 minutes for each batch. 

Tips –  Express your Ideas clearly.Be audible and be respectful.This is where your Communication Skills and Interactivity is tested.Companies mostly used GD(Group Discussion) as an Elimination Round, which is why this round becomes crucial if you don’t want to get subjected to elimination and want to exhibit your Technical Skills in future rounds. 

Qualifying Ratio – 22/48. 

Round 3: Technical-Round 

This round involved coding questions,questions on OOPS concepts,questions on Projects from your Resume,Agile Software Development etc. 

Coding Questions – The number of questions asked varied from candidate to candidate. 

The questions asked  were 

1)Zigzag Order Traversal of Binary Tree – https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/zigzag-tree-traversal/ 

2)Reversing an array in place – https://www.geeksforgeeks.org/write-a-program-to-reverse-an-array-or-string/ 

Another Question I was asked: 

Design a Leave Management System for a company operating with two databases(one for their app and another for their website). 

Questions related to DBMS like Joins and Prepared Statements. 

Tips – Know every word of your resume.Don’t write anything on your resume that you don’t understand or don’t have an idea of.Think calmly and answer. 

Qualifying Ratio – 10/22 

Round 4(Final Round): HR-Round 

Questions were personality and behavior oriented.For Example: 

1)Why do you want to Join IHS Markit? 

2)Express your thoughts on the statement “Data is the new oil”. 

3)Describe the time when your Leadership skills made an impact. 

4)What do you plan on learning from our company during your internship tenure? 

Qualifying Ratio – 5/10. 


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