HSBC On campus (For strikers and Acers )

Round 1: This was a coding + mcqs test on Cocubes platform. 90 mins Mcqs section was divided into 3 parts, Computer science related, Aptitude, Data Interpretation and logic based, and third section was verbal(English related ) .

Then there was a 30 min coding round.
question 1: Binary string addition. Two strings are given, which consists of 0 or 1 . Return the addition of these two. But the problem was the platform, you had to use calloc if using c++ as strings was not allowed, you are given a char array (:( ).
question 2: given 3 numbers a , b and c. count the numbers divisible by c between a and b. ( Doing in o(1) gave more points but (o(n)) was accepted.
100 students were shortlisted after round 1.

Round 2:Technical round.
The range of questions was from very easy to very tough depending upon the interviewer. They asked which new features were added in java 8 . How would you scan and bar code and store it. What is net beans. what is anaconda.

My interviewer was pretty cool guy. He asked me to introduce myself. I took the interview towards my strong points, ML and basketball. He asked about my projects and asked me to build a simple ML model. Then he took 2 3 hr questions like you have a startup and he was a investor, pitch him the startup.


I was then sent to round 3 (HR) . Strikers had only one tech round, while acers had 2 tech rounds. The questions remained the same.

Round 3: HR round.
Simple and Typical HR questions.
Why HSBC, most difficult situation faced in life, biggest achievement, willing to relocate etc.

5 students for Acers and 15 for Strikers were selected. I got selected in Strikers .

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