HSBC Interview Process-On Campus-SDE

Round 1: There are two sections. The first section is aptitude and logical reasoning and Second section have two coding questions on the co-cubes platform. The first question was based on arrays which were easy and the second question is Students who have done one or more than one problem with good aptitude score have been selected to next round of interview. Around 50 people have attended for the first round. Out of which 9 were sent to the next round.

Round 2: I have done aptitude very well and one coding question. So, I have selected for technical round.  Initially,  the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and questions were asked on the projects which I have mentioned in my resume.  He asked me to write a code to remove duplicate elements in a given array. Questions like print spiral matrix and the sum of elements in linked lists were asked. I have used a hashmap in java and solved it. Later a few more questions on projects and then he asked me what is my aspiration? Out of 9 members, 3 were shortlisted for next round.

Round 3: This is another technical interview. The interviewer asked me about the languages I’m comfortable with, I said python and Java.

Questions asked:

  1. Final, Finally, Finalize differences
  2. Synchronization in threads
  3. Public, static, void, main keywords
  4. Abstraction vs Interface
  5. Composition vs Aggregation vs Association
  6. Inheritance, Encapsulation, Polymorphism & types
  7. Inner classes
  8. Multithreading in Java
  9. Map and Reduce in Python
  10. Did you use any database relating framework – As I did a web project which includes FLASK framework I have explained about it.

Few more questions on my projects mentioned in the resume. All 3 students went to the next round.

Round 4: This is an HR round.

Questions asked:

  1. Tell me about yourself
  2. Why HSBC?
  3. Willing to relocate?
  4. Which programming language are you comfortable?
  5. What challenges did you face while doing projects?
  6. Is group project better than working alone?

Out of 3 people, they have finalized two of us.

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