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HSBC Campus Placement for Trainee Software Engineer
  • Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2019

Round 1:
The First Round consisted of 2 coding problems. One is of easy level and second is of medium level. Doing 1 question will shortlist you for further rounds.
Every one gets different questions. Some of the questions were
1.) Given: A=1, B=10, C=100, D=1000, E=10000, F=100000, G=1000000. The input is a string, and the output should be sum of the sequence. For eg: BC=10+100=110.
2.) Count even and odd digits in a given number.
3.) Given an array of numbers. Count the numbers which have exactly k digits.

Round 2:
Round 2 was as online assessment test. The selected ones have to complete the assessment from their room.

Round 3:
Technical Interview 1 which lasted for about 30 minutes
Q.1 Introduce yourself.
Q.2 Tell me about your role in the internship.
Q.3 Explain the technologies used in the projects. (Looking for machine learning projects but my projects were on React Native and Android Studio).
Q.4 What is Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Indexing, Types of Databases.
Q.5 Why you not used Python for mobile development? Can Python be used for mobile app development?
Frameworks which Python support for mobile application development.
Q.6 Again a machine learning question.

I was not able to answer machine learning question so was rejected!

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