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How to Terminate Any Instance in AWS New Version?

Last Updated : 28 Mar, 2023
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Pre-requisite: AWS, EC2 instances

Whenever we create an instance, we should think of termination too. AWS follows a “pay-per-use” strategy where if we forgot to terminate an instance it may lead to unusual billing. 

For free tier accounts, it will be free with limitations. So, we should terminate our instance after the completion of usage. We can also stop the instance when we are not using it and start the instance whenever needed.

States of Instance 

  • Stop instance
  • Start instance
  • Reboot instance
  • Hibernate instance
  • Terminate instance

After completion of usage, if you do not use further terminate the instance. If there is further usage, stop the instance. To know how many instances are running and to know more about the instances click on “Instances”.

Opening the instance in AWS


Click and select the instance that has to be terminated.

Terminating the instance


Under instance state, click on terminate instance. Now, in the popup give the confirmation by clicking on terminate. You will see a message “Successfully terminated <Instance ID> “

Output of terminated instance


Your instance will be still visible for some time with the state as “Terminated“.After some time it will be removed by AWS.

Checking the state of instance


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