How to prepare for Aptitude Test for BIG4 Articleship Interview ?

I will tell you how I prepared for aptitude test of Big4s. You can decide for yourself how to go about with the help of this.I had nearly a month to prepare.When I searched for the same question on Google, most answers mentioned that no special preparation is required and the test is very easy. You should just know basic maths i.e. 6th to 8th class.For myself I very well knew that knowing basic maths required preparation.If you think you’re really good at maths and you can solve the questions, just chill and go for the Apti.

Quantitative section contains problems on time, work, percentage, interest, area and all such problems.Trust me if you’re not a jewel in maths, don’t go without preparation.
I prepared from various sites.You can even refer some books.But don’t dig into it. Do only the basic and short questions.

English does not require any preparation. Then too if you’re not confident on your grammar and communication .You might have to prepare.
Logic is easy. A little more than just common sense is all you need.For your satisfaction you can do some questions on logic.

You must know the basic IPCC stuff and SA and AS for clearing the interview and technical rounds.
It’s mostly a 1-hr objective paper.
The result is declared only as pass or fail.Marks are not disclosed.

So it’s always good to work on quantitative section and then appear for the test as it is a one time opportunity.

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