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How to Install VirtualBox on Windows?

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Virtual Machine abstracts the hardware of our personal computers such as CPU, disk drives, memory, NIC (Network Interface Card), etc, into many different execution environments as per our requirements, hence giving us a feeling that each execution environment is a single computer. For example, VirtualBox. We can create a virtual machine for several reasons, all of which are fundamentally related to the ability to share the same basic hardware yet can also support different execution environments, i.e., different operating systems simultaneously.

Downloading and Installing VirtualBox

To download VirtualBox, go to the official site and download the latest version for windows. VirtualBox-Windows-Download Beginning with the Installation:
  • Getting Started: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-01
  • Select Installation Location: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-02
  • Creating Entries and Shortcuts: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-03
  • Ready to Install: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-04
  • Installing Files and packages: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-05
  • Installing Certificates: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-06
  • Finished Installation: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-07
When you will open virtualbox it will look like as shown below: VirtualBox-Windows-Installation-08

Last Updated : 11 Jul, 2022
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