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How to Install Dart Sass in Windows?

  • Last Updated : 29 Oct, 2021

Dart is a programming language designed for client development such as for the web and mobile apps. It is developed by Google and can also be used to build server and desktop applications. Dart is an object-oriented, class-based, garbage-collected language with C-style syntax. Dart can compile to either native code or JavaScript. It supports interfaces, mixins, abstract classes, reified generics, and type inference. Dart initially had a mixed reception and the Dart initiative has been criticized by some for fragmenting the web, due to the original plans to include a Dart VM in Chrome. Those plans were dropped in 2015 with the 1.9 release of Dart to focus instead on compiling Dart to JavaScript. In August 2018, Dart 2.0 was released, with language changes including a sound type system.


  • Dart is an object-oriented programming language with support for inheritance, interfaces, and optional typing features. It also supports interfaces, mixins, abstract classes, reified generics, static typing, and a strong type system.
  • Dart is an open-source programming language and it comes with a set of tools for compiling and executing Dart Code. It is recognized as an ECMA standard and is available with a BSD license.
  • Dart is cross-platform and supports all major operating systems. The Dart compiler comes with its own Virtual Machine which allows Dart programs to run on every system.

Installing Dart Saas on Windows:

Follow the below steps to install dart Saas n Windows:

Step 1: In your browser navigate to this link.

Step 2: After going to this link choose the preferable file according to your pc & download the file.

choose the preferable file

Step 3: Then extract the file & copy the path & make it available to you.

extract the file & copy the path

Step 4: Search for the system environment variable in the search bar of your computer.

earch for the system environment variable in the search bar

Step 5: Then click on the environment variable.

environment variable

Step 6: Then click on the Path & then click on New.

 Step 7: Then you have to give Variable Name as Path & then in Variable Value you have to put the folder path which you have copied in Step 3. Then you have to click Ok

set variable name and value

Verifying Dart Saas Installation:

Now open the command prompt. There you have to execute the below command:

saas --version

Verifying Dart Saas Installation:

This command will give the proper output. If you find the output then you have successfully installed the Dart Saas.

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