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How to import CSV file in SQLite database using Python ?

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In this article, we’ll learn how to import data from a CSV file and store it in a table in the SQLite database using Python. You can download the CSV file from here which contains sample data on the name and age of a few students.

Contents of the CSV file


  • Importing necessary modules
  • Read data from CSV file DictReader()
  • Establish a connection with the database.
sqliteConnection = sqlite3.connect('sql.db')
cursor = sqliteConnection.cursor()
  • Create the student table and execute the query using execute() method.
  • Inserting data into the table
cursor.executemany("insert into student (name, age) VALUES (?, ?);", student_info)
  • Read data from the table
  • And close the database.

Below is the implementation:


import csv
import sqlite3
    # Import csv and extract data
    with open('student_info.csv', 'r') as fin:
        dr = csv.DictReader(fin)
        student_info = [(i['NAME'], i['AGE']) for i in dr]
    # Connect to SQLite
    sqliteConnection = sqlite3.connect('sql.db')
    cursor = sqliteConnection.cursor()
    # Create student table
    cursor.execute('create table student(name varchar2(10), age int);')
    # Insert data into table
        "insert into student (name, age) VALUES (?, ?);", student_info)
    # Show student table
    cursor.execute('select * from student;')
    # View result
    result = cursor.fetchall()
    # Commit work and close connection
except sqlite3.Error as error:
    print('Error occurred - ', error)
    if sqliteConnection:
        print('SQLite Connection closed')



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Last Updated : 06 Oct, 2022
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