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How to list tables using SQLite3 in Python ?

  • Last Updated : 09 May, 2021

In this article, we will discuss how to list all the tables in the SQLite database using Python. 

Database Used:

All tables which are present inside our database

Stepwise Implementation:

1. Creating a connection object using connect() method,

sqliteConnection = sqlite3.connect('SQLite_Retrieving_data.db')

2. Created one SQL query with which we will search a list of all tables which are present inside the sqlite3 database.

sql_query = """SELECT name FROM sqlite_master  
  WHERE type='table';"""

3. Using Connection Object, we are creating a cursor object.

cursor = sqliteConnection.cursor()

4. Using execute() methods, we will execute the above SQL query.


5. Finally, We will print a list of all tables which are present inside the sqlite3 database.


Below is the implementation.


# Importing Sqlite3 Module
import sqlite3
    # Making a connection between sqlite3 
    # database and Python Program
    sqliteConnection = sqlite3.connect('SQLite_Retrieving_data.db')
    # If sqlite3 makes a connection with python
    # program then it will print "Connected to SQLite"
    # Otherwise it will show errors
    print("Connected to SQLite")
    # Getting all tables from sqlite_master
    sql_query = """SELECT name FROM sqlite_master 
    WHERE type='table';"""
    # Creating cursor object using connection object
    cursor = sqliteConnection.cursor()
    # executing our sql query
    print("List of tables\n")
    # printing all tables list
except sqlite3.Error as error:
    print("Failed to execute the above query", error)
    # Inside Finally Block, If connection is
    # open, we need to close it
    if sqliteConnection:
        # using close() method, we will close 
        # the connection
        # After closing connection object, we 
        # will print "the sqlite connection is 
        # closed"
        print("the sqlite connection is closed")


Final output

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