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How to execute PHP Script in Website using XAMPP webserver ?

Last Updated : 01 Dec, 2020
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First we have to install the XAMPP/WAMP webserver in our system. Please follow the link to download and install XAMPP/WAMP server. Link

After successful installation, the steps we should follow are-

  • Open XAMPP control panel, if you want to link database to your code then start MySQL otherwise you will need to start Filezilla and Apache

Xampp starts

  • Then open Notepad/Notepad++ or any text editor to write PHP program.


echo "Geeks for Geeks";

  • Save you file in path xampp/htdocs/gfg/a.php

  • Then go to your browser and type localhost/gfg/a.php in URL section. It will display the result.

Note: If there are multiple files in your code similarly then you can put all your files in one folder and can run it.


// Declare the variable
$x = 20;  
$y = 10;  
// Evaluate arithmetic operations
$z = $x + $y
$m = $x - $y;
$p = $x * $y
$a = $x / $y;
// Addition
echo "Sum: ", $z; // Sum: 30
// Subtraction
echo "Diff: ", $m; // Diff: 10
// Multiplication
echo "Mul: ", $p; // Mul: 200
// Division
echo "Div: ", $a; // Div: 2

Type the URL xampp/htdocs/gfg/code/1.php in the browser, it will display the result.

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