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How to create new Mongodb database using Node.js ?

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mongodb module: This Module is used to performing CRUD(Create Read Update Read) Operations in MongoDb using Node.js. We cannot make a database only. We have to make a new Collection to see the database. The connect() method is used for connecting the MongoDb server with the Node.js project.

Please refer this link for connect() method.

Installing module:

npm install mongodb

Starting MongoDB server:

mongod --dbpath=data --bind_ip
  1. Data is the directory name where server is located. 
  2. ip address where server will be running.

Project Structure:

Filename index.js


const MongoClient = require('mongodb');
// server location
MongoClient.connect(url).then((client) => {
    console.log('Database created');
    // database name
    const db = client.db("GFGNodejs");
    // collection name


Mongodb Database:

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Last Updated : 20 Nov, 2020
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