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How to create an image lightbox with Zoom In and Zoom Out functionality in ReactJS ?

Last Updated : 20 Nov, 2023
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In this article, we will learn how to create an image lightbox with Zoom In and Zoom Out functionality in React. So let’s get started by installing react using the create-react-app command.


Steps to Create the React app and Installing the required modules:

Step 1: Create the React app:

npx create-react-app myapp

Step 2: We will install a dependency using npm named react-image-lightbox:

npm i react-image-lightbox

Project Structure:

The updated dependencies in package.json file will look like:

  "dependencies": {
"react": "^18.2.0",
"react-image-lightbox": "^5.1.4",
"react-dom": "^18.2.0",
"react-scripts": "5.0.1",
"web-vitals": "^2.1.4"

Example: We will be adding a lightbox component to a React application. Using the useState hook, you manage two states: `showModal` and `indexOfImages` to track the current image index. Clicking a button sets `showModal` to true, rendering the LightBox component.


import React, { useState } from "react";
import Lightbox from "react-image-lightbox";
import "react-image-lightbox/style.css";
const arrOfImages = [
function App() {
    const [indexOfImages, setIndexOfImages] = useState(0);
    const [showModal, setShowModal] = useState(false);
    const openModalAndSetIndex = (index) => {
    return (
        <div className="App">
            <h1>Image Slide Show With Zoom In/Out feature</h1>
            {, index) => (
                            height: "200px",
                            width:"300px", margin: "20px"
                    onClick={() => openModalAndSetIndex(index)}
                <button type="button"
                    onClick={() => setShowModal(true)}>
                    Show Lightbox
            {showModal && (
                    {arrOfImages[(indexOfImages + 1)
                        % arrOfImages.length]}
                        (indexOfImages + arrOfImages.length - 1)
                        % arrOfImages.length
                    onCloseRequest={() => setShowModal(false)}
                    onMovePrevRequest={() =>
                            (indexOfImages + arrOfImages.length - 1)
                            % arrOfImages.length
                    onMoveNextRequest={() =>
                            (indexOfImages + arrOfImages.length + 1)
                            % arrOfImages.length
export default App;

Step to run the App:

npm start


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