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Hike Interview Experience | Set 6 (For SDE)

Last Updated : 03 Sep, 2019
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Round 1 (telephonic)

  2. Design a system wherein users are sharing images. You need to track the top trending images
  3. Design an event system wherein thousands of events are being generated from an app and the events need to be analysed by an analytics engine for certain information
  4. Discussion on Spring and NodeJS

Since this round was long back, I don’t have strong recollection of the above questions. Have compiled to best of my memory

After the telephonic round, I was called to their office after approx. 3 weeks

Round 2

  1. Design a leaderboard system which can report rank of a particular user along with his +/-5 users
  2. , repeat from previous round
  3. Again discussion on Spring and NodeJS

Probably the interviewer was same in Round 1 and Round 2

Round 3

  1. Questions on CAP theorem and where Cassandra fits in there. This was because I had worked on NoSQL databases
  2. Level order traversal in spiral form
  3. Design a Twitter streaming like system. Clients will be persistently connected to the system and subscribe to certain topics like India, Election. As soon as a user tweets on any of these topics, all the listening clients should be notified.

Round 4

  1. Implement Java countdown latch
  2. Word Break

Round 5

  1. Discussion on various NoSQL databases mentioned in my resume. Delved deep into Couchbase and how certain features are implemented like vBuckets
  2. Implement Java8 future and one more related class
  3. Some behavioral questions


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