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Google Introduces New AI-powered Vids App

Last Updated : 12 Apr, 2024
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Gone are the days when creating compelling video content required expensive equipment and professional editing skills. Google has unveiled a revolutionary tool within its Workspace suite: Google Vids. This innovative AI-powered video creation app makes video production accessible to everyone, transforming the way businesses communicate and tell stories.

Read In Short:

  • Google Vids is a brand new AI-powered video creation app for Google Workspace.
  • It empowers anyone to create professional-looking videos for work, with easy video creation tools and AI video editing assistance.
  • Vids fosters collaborative video editing within Workspace, making video content creation a breeze for businesses.


What is Google Vids?

Google Vids is a cloud-based Workspace video editor that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to streamline video creation for professionals. Unlike traditional video editing software with a steep learning curve, Vids offers an easy video creation experience. Whether you’re crafting a training video, a product explainer, or an internal announcement, Vids empowers you to bring your vision to life with minimal technical expertise.

How Does AI Video Editing Work in Google Vids?

AI video editing in Google Vids takes the guesswork from the video creation process. Here’s how it works:

  • Generate video storyboards: Feeling stuck on a concept? Vids utilizes AI to analyze your script or text and suggest a storyboard, providing a visual framework for your video.
  • Select video style: Choose from a library of pre-designed video styles to match the tone and message of your content.
  • Identify scenes from stock footage: Vids integrates with Google’s vast library, allowing the AI to recommend relevant video clips to illustrate your points.
  • Background music suggestions: Never struggle with finding the perfect soundtrack again. Vids analyze your video content and propose suitable background music to enhance the mood and flow.

How to use Google Vids

Step 1: Start with a Prompt

Open Google Vids and describe your video idea.

Step 2: See Storyboard Suggestions

Vids will analyze your prompt and generate potential storyboards. These storyboards act as a visual blueprint for your video, outlining the key scenes.

Step 3: Choose Your Video Style

Select a pre-designed video style that you want.

Step 4: Use AI-powered Assets

Vids tap into Google’s vast stock footage library. The AI will suggest relevant video clips.

Step 5: Refine with Drag-and-Drop

Arrange the suggested video clips, images, and text overlays using a drag-and-drop interface. (You can also add your media.)

Step 6: Choose a Soundtrack

Vids analyzes your video and recommends background music to improve the mood and flow.

Step 7: Export and Share

Once done, export it in a format suitable for your needs and share it with your audience.

Is Google Vids a Collaborative Video Editing Tool?

Absolutely! Vids embraces the collaborative spirit of Google Workspace. Here’s how it fosters teamwork:

  • Team editing: Multiple users can simultaneously work on the same video project, streamlining the creative process.
  • In-app comments: Leave comments and feedback directly within the video editor, ensuring clear communication between team members.
  • Version control: Never lose track of revisions with version control features, allowing you to revert to previous versions if needed.

Benefits of a Cloud-based Video Editor Like Google Vids

Cloud-based video editor tools like Google Vids offer several advantages:

  • Accessibility: Access your video projects from any device with an internet connection, fostering flexibility and remote collaboration.
  • Storage: Leverage Google’s robust cloud storage infrastructure to eliminate the need for local video files, ensuring data security and accessibility.
  • Automatic updates: Enjoy automatic updates with the latest features and bug fixes, eliminating the need for manual software downloads.

Who Can Use Google Vids for Business Video Creation?

Business video creation has never been more accessible. Vids empower a wide range of professionals to create impactful video content:

  • Marketing teams: Craft engaging explainer videos, product demos, and social media content.
  • Sales teams: Develop personalized video pitches and customer testimonials.
  • Human resources departments: Design onboarding videos and training materials.
  • Internal communications teams: Create company updates, announcements, and employee spotlights.

When Will Google Vids Be Available?

Google Vids is currently in development and is expected to be released in Beta within Google Workspace Labs in June 2024. This allows Google to gather user feedback and refine the tool before a full rollout.


Google Vids marks a paradigm shift in business video creation. With its intuitive interface, AI video editing capabilities, and seamless integration with Google Workspace, Vids empowers everyone to become a video storytelling pro. This innovative tool holds immense potential to democratize video content creation within businesses, fostering collaboration and amplifying communication efforts.

Google Vids App – FAQs

Is Google Vids free to use?

Pricing details for Google Vids haven’t been officially announced yet. However, it’s likely to be integrated into existing Workspace subscription plans or offered as a separate add-on.

What is Google Cloud’s next 24?

Google Cloud Next ’24 was a conference focused on Google Cloud technologies that took place April 9-11, 2024.

What happened to Google Video videos?

Google Video was a discontinued video hosting service by Google. It was replaced by YouTube in 2006. There is no current information about bringing it back.

Is Google Vids safe?

Google Vids is a new AI-powered video creation tool announced for Google Workspace and is still under development. Since it’s not yet available, security specifics cannot be confirmed, but it leverages Google’s secure cloud infrastructure.

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