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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 42 (Less than 1 year experienced)

Last Updated : 04 Oct, 2019
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Round 1(HackerRank)

1: Related to find the total number of common digits in some range of numbers.

2: Knapsack problem variation, and expected output was the array of items and not the maximum value.

Round 2(CoderPad)

1.Non repeating character in a string.

Discussion about current work and project.

Round 3(CoderPad)

1.The rain water tapping problem.

2.Anagram Problem.

Round 4(Telephonic)

1.Virtual Functions in C++.(About vptr and vtable)
2.Worst Case of QuickSort.
3.All casting operators in C++.
4.Internal implementation of map.
5.Code to test whether a graph is tree or not.
6.About tree traversals.
7.Difference between map and unordered_map.
8.Internal implementation of vector.

Round 5(F2F)

1.About yourself.
2.About current project.
3.Binary Search Tree Insertion and Deletion.
4.Given two sorted arrays and a sum, find all pairs whose sum is equal to the given number.
Time complexity required-O(n).
5. Why do you want to switch.

Round 6(F2F)
1. Clone a linked list with next and random pointer.
2.Copy Constructor.
Why const is used?
3.Virtual functions in C++.
4.Internal Implementation of map.

Round 7(F2F)
1. About yourself and current project.
2. Question related to trie data structure.
3. Question related to binary search. It was not a direct binary search question.
4. Some CV related qstns.

Got eliminated here.

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