Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 39 (1.5 years experience)

I got contacted by a recruiter agency.

1st Round (HackerRank Test 1 Hour 30 Mins):
2) 2. Given a sequence of M and N with M representing increasing and N representing decreasing, output the smallest number that follows this pattern.
Input : MMMM
Output : 12345

Input : NNNN
Output : 54321

Input : MMNM
Output : 2314

My hackerRank test was same as described here:

Solved both of them and got the call for next round.

2nd Round (Coderpad Test 1 Hour):
1) There are two fractions example: F1 = 3/4 and F2 = 5/6. You need to compute their sum and return the result.
2) One problem similar to described here:

The interviewer will be helping you in case you get stuck. But make sure you at least start approaching the problem. Even the brute force.

Completed both of them in 1 hour and got the call for next round.

3rd Round (F2F)
Project-specific questions. Related to Java JDBC, Socket Programming and project at the current company.
Got eliminated here.

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