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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience| Set 14 (1+ Years Experienced)

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Goldman Sachs Interview questions – Onsite (Experience: 1+ years)

Technical rounds – 4
Managerial round – 1

Technical rounds

  • Round 1
    1. Explain RESTful web services. Jersey syntax
    2. What is a race condition?
    3. What is a segmentation fault?
    4. What is an abstract class? Can a class be abstract without abstract methods? Difference between an interface and abstract class.
    5. Why Java doesn’t support multiple inheritances?
    6. Will static methods be inherited? Can they be overridden?
    7. Merge sort and quick sort.
  • Round 2
    1. Given an array of 1’s and 0’s. Segregate them.
    2. Given two sorted arrays with sizes m and n. Merge them into a third array of size m+n.
    3. A function is given that returns 1 with probability p and returns 0 with probability p-1. Write another function which calls this function and returns 1 and 0 with probability 1/2 each.
    4. Three ants in corners of triangle puzzle.
  • Round 3 (Vice – president)
    1. Questions on projects I had worked on.
    2. How HashMaps work in Java?
    3. Explain JVM architecture.
    4. How does garbage collector work in Java?
    5. Given an array of numbers, arrange it in such a way that a1 > a2 < a3 > a4 < a5 > a6 < …..
  • Round 4
    1. Given a linked list, reverse the elements from the beginning in blocks of two. Given: 7 → 4 → 9 → 2 → Null. Output: 4 → 7 → 2 → 9 → Null.
    2. Given a Rubik’s cube of size n (Made of n^3 smaller cubes). You remove all that is visible from outside. How many cubes are left?
    3. The 4 people, bridge and one torch puzzle.
    4. Java generics syntax.
    5. Implement multiple stacks in one array.
    6. In an array of positive integers, find Pythagorean triplets in O(n2) runtime.
  • Managerial round

    1. Why do you want to leave your job?
    2. Why Goldman Sachs?
    3. Why not Google? (I said I would be happy to work for Google if they offered me a job)
    4. Are you fine working in proprietary languages?
    5. 100 gold coins and 5 pirates puzzle.
    6. What is your notice period?

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Last Updated : 28 May, 2019
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