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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 17 (On-Campus for Analyst)

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Goldman Sachs recently came to our college for Full-time and intern hiring for analyst position. I appeared for FTE position, here’s my experience.
  • Round 1: 15 MCQ questions of moderate level hosted on hackerrank. 1 coding question: given an array of strings and characters, make the largest string possible. The resultant string should be a combination of the strings given in the array. The given array of characters may contain repeated elements. Example – Given char array – {a,a,b,c,d,d,e,c} and given strings – {abba, aabc, de, cde} the ans is aabccde . Around 20 students were shortlisted from this round out of 120 students.
  • Round 2 (F2F 1hr): Discussions on my summer internship project that I did at Samsung R&D, incidentally he did the same project as a full-timer at his time in Goldman Sachs. He asked me about my life- goals and some discussions on my CV. Then followed lots of questions on OOP, including virtual functions, virtual function pointers and tables, inheritance, data encapsulation and abstraction. Asked me to explain counting sort. Then gave me a question that contained only 0’s and 1’s. Asked me to give the most optimized solution for putting all 1’s to the end of the array.
  • Round 3 (HR Round): Standard HR Questions like Why Goldman Sachs What’s your preferred position in GS What’s the most challenging task that you’ve faced during your projects Any questions for us about Goldman Sachs
  • Round 4 (F2F): 5 pirates puzzles – A young man lives in Manhattan near a subway express station. He has two girlfriends, one in Brooklyn, one in the Bronx. To visit the girl in Brooklyn, he takes a train on the downtown side of the platform; to visit the girl in the Bronx, he takes a train on the uptown side of the same platform. Since he likes both girls equally well, he simply takes the first train that comes along. In this way, he lets chance determine whether he rides to the Bronx or to Brooklyn. The young man reaches the subway platform at a random moment each Saturday afternoon. Brooklyn and Bronx trains arrive at the station equally often – every 10 minutes.Yet for some obscure reason he finds himself spending most of his time with the girl in Brooklyn: in fact on the average he goes there 9 times out of 10. Can you think of a good reason why the odds so heavily favour Brooklyn? ( )
Thanks GeeksforGeeks :).

Last Updated : 28 May, 2019
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