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Goldman Sachs Interview Experience | Set 11 (On-Campus for Strats Division)

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Goldman Sachs visited our campus for recruiting in the strats division.

  • Round 1: Pen and paper test which consisted of 3 sections and was to be done in 90 minutes.
    1. First section: 5 questions on Data Analytics.
    2. Second section: 10 questions on Higher level maths.
    3. Third Section: 15 questions on Computer science from time complexity, Operating systems, Data structure, file system etc.
      +3 for correct and -1 for wrong answers.
  • Round 2(Tech): 40 minutes
    1. First question to find the median of two sorted arrays of varying sizes, explain all the base cases and the logic as well.
      Then had to code it as well.

    2. Second question was to print all paths with the given sum that could end on a leaf only, had to explain the approach and write the code.
      Basic discussion about my project on Hadoop.

    3. Last question was a Probability Distribution question similar to how to get the proportionate probability for the given values.
  • Round 3(Tech): 45 minutes
    1. Detailed discussion on my projects and internships which lasted for about 30 minutes.
    2. Basic queries on DBMS using group by, order by and nested sub-queries and using limit by and aggregate functions.
    3. Basic questions on OS.
  • Round 4(Tech): 45 minutes
    1. Puzzles like 100 floor and 2 egg, then modified it to 100 floor and 3 egg; a drunken man can take a step forward or a step back,
    2. What is the probability that after 10 steps he is standing at the same place; some card puzzles based on probability.
    3. Search for an element in a row and column sorted 2D matrix in O(log n) time.
    4. You are given a pen. A person could either enter the bid price or selling price or ask to match the highest bidding price and lowest selling price.
    5. What data structure will you use for string the prices.
  • Round 5(HR):20 minutes
    Standard questions like why Goldman Sach? strengths? weaknesses etc .

At last only 1 student was selected from the 800 odd students who had applied for the company.

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Last Updated : 28 May, 2019
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