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Flipkart Interview | Set 15 (For SDE-II)
  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 27 May, 2019
  • 1st round (machine coding)
    You are given a catalog of books, which have following attributes.
    • Name
    • Author
    • Publisher
    • Publish year
    • Category
    • Price
    • Count (sold)

    Implement following APIs on top of this catalog

    • addBookToCatalog(Book)
    • searchBook(by partial book name/author)
    • getMostSoldBooks(by author name/category, limit)


    • Maintain DB on memory
    • Code should be readable. Design, handle naming convention,handle exceptions & should be running.
  • 2nd round (code evaluation & discussion)
    1. Discussion on design (interfaces & extension)
    2. Discussion on data structures (trie)
    3. Discussion on sorting
  • 3rd round (problem solving)
    1. Head → a → b .. → Tail
      • Every node has a random pointer, pouting to a random node or null.
      • You are given a dice (completely biased – you decide which one you want)

      What is the minimum number of dice tosses required to reach Tail from Head?

      Hint: Problem can be boiled down to snake&ladder problem, where forward pointer is a ladder & backward pointer is a snake.

    2. N people are there.
      • knows(A,B) return true if A knows B, else false.
      • Celebrity: A is called a celebrity
      • If A knows none
      • Everyone knows A

      Get celebrity, with less number of knows() method usage.

    3. Dictionary of words is given
               i.e. [“cat”, “dog”, “rat”, “catratdog”, “catter”]
               Compound word: A word, which can be split into more than 1 valid words
      get compound word, with longest string length.
  • 4th round (Design)
    Design notification system (notify the customer with a message)
    • Client (delivery boy, company updates etc)
    • Services (Email, SMS, Watsapp)
    • Scaling up, fault tolerance & failure management
    • Flexible modifiability of clients & services
  • 5th round(Senior Manager)
    1. His info & organization profile
    2. My intro
    3. Exciting tasks that did at the job? – Discussion technically
    4. Strengths & weaknesses
    5. Feedback to the manager, how an ideal manager should be?
    6. Why Flipkart?
  • 6th round (HR – casual)
    1. How is the day, how are the interviews?
    2. Any offers?
    3. Compensation expected?

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