FICO ( Fair Issac and Corporation) | Set 1(On Campus)

On Campus Recruitment only for ” MCA ”
There were 3 rounds:
Round 1: Written( Offline written test which comprises of 3 modules)

  • Module 1 : Technical Aptitude- Output questions on Java (MCQ) based on recursion,inheritance, matrix,strings etc.
  • Module 2 : General Aptitude– Focus was mainly on PROBABILITY (RD Sharma),last digit of a number,diagonal passing through a grid and for the rest prepare CAT level questions.
    Module 3 : 2 Subjective questions basically to check your approach and thinking ability.
  • For Example:
    • a)You have to design a bike for a blind. What specifications and features will you use?
    • b) In what direction would you like to take your career.What steps will you take to do that?

Round 2: Technical round questions were based on DS (Linked List,Array) , DBMS, Strings, Pointers, Java(Inheritance) etc.
Round 3: HR round was based on Resume.

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