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FICO Interview Experience | Set 2 (On-Campus Recruitment)

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Company:  Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO)

Profile: Software Development and Software Quality Assurance

Location: Bangalore

Criteria: Open


Selection Process:

There were 4 rounds:
1)     Written Test
2)     Group Discussion
3)     Technical Round
4)     HR Round

Round 1:  Offline Test
It was comprised of 3 modules.

Module 1:  It consisted of Java I/O questions based on Strings, Recursion, Inheritance, Anonymous objects, Static function etc. Though the questions were not very tough but were time consuming. There were around 18 questions.
Source : geeksforgeeks, tuorialspoint enough.

Module 2: It consisted of 2 sections totaling to 12 questions.
Section 1: It had popular puzzles.
Source: geeksforgeeks,

Section 2: Questions based on probability and last digits of a number were asked.
Source:  RD Sharma (probability), last-digit (RS Aggarwal).

Module 3: There were 2 subjective questions. The questions evaluated thinking ability.

Q1: Design a cellular phone for a blind person. Give its architecture and specifications.

Q2: How to improve ambulance facility in India.

Around 24 students were shortlisted.


Round 2: Group Discussion
The 24 students were divided into 2 groups. Their topics were:

Group 1: Around 70% engineers fade out in the first 10 years of their career, the reasons and solution.

Group 2: Data Security on Social Media.
Time duration was 30 minutes divided into 3 rounds of 10 minutes each.

Round 1: Open Discussion, everyone can came up with their opinions.

Round 2: Individual Discussion, in which opinion were asked from each one.

Round 3: Open Discussion to reach conclusion.

Tip: Try to initiate the group discussion and conclude with viable conclusion. Throw away your hesitation.

Around 10 students were shortlisted.

Round 3: Technical round
Questions were based on JAVA, DS, and DBMS.

Q1: Which language you prefer and why? (C++/JAVA)
Q2: Discussion on 2 questions from written test.
Q3: Coding question:
A String contains “NIT KKR”. Remove duplicate letter and sort it in “EFFICIENT TIME”. You are free to implement any logic (Can be solved by Sieve method (DS), java string etc.).

Q4: Coding question:
There were two date class objects. Find out number of hours between them.
Q5: Few questions based on inheritance.
Q6: What are access and non-access modifiers in java?
Q7: RunTime Polymorphism.
Q8: Few minutes of discussion on my summer training and project on android (since it was mentioned in my resume).

Q1: Deletion in binary search tree?
Q2: Implement queue using stack.
Q3: Few tricky questions based on printf, scanf and pointers.
Q4: How many different ways to store array? (memory layout)
Q5: Reverse Doubly Linked List.
Q6: Delete node from Doubly Linked List having pointer to it.


Q1: What is an entity?
Q2: Tuples in RDBMS?
Q3: Keys?

Source: geeksforgeeks, tpoint,tutorialspoint etc.


Round 4: HR Round
Asked from my RESUME.
Q1: Introduce Yourself.
Q2: Your rank in you batch?
Q3: Are you comfortable in moving to Bangalore?
Q4: Asked about family members.
Q5: Strengths and weakness.
Q6: Do you want to go for further higher studies?
Q7: Any inspiration in your life?
Q8: Any queries? (Ask a distinctive, if any)

Result: Placed.

Tip: Read about the company, its products, strategies and services.

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Last Updated : 16 Oct, 2017
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